Märkisches Museum – a hidden gem in Berlin

A REAL a hidden gem is the Märkisches Museum, which in its historic surroundings, beautifully celebrates the heritage of this historic metropolis with a fascinating array of stories, and exhibits.

From industry, arts, politics and architecture – to sections on immigrants, music and most recently a stunning exhibition on Nazi Berlin, titled ‘Berlin 1937’ in which you walk through a city controlled by the National Socialist dictatorship.

Original period artifacts, like a bust of the Nazi martyr Horst Wessel, and a perfectly preserved Tannoy system used to address the public in squares and boulevards are on display.

 External view of the Märkisches Museum © Travel Gazette / Nathan Morley
External view of the Märkisches Museum © Travel Gazette / Nathan Morley

The idea is to help you step into the shoes of residents – as they went from their homes to school or to work, to the church or to the synagogue, to air raid exercises or to dance.

Sadly the exhibition closes next month, but its popularity has been immense, especially among Berliners themselves.

Ironically, after Hitler’s seizure of power in 1933, the Märkisches Museum itself was like other cultural facilities in Germany incorporated into the Nazi system.

The museum also boasts some contemporary art, along with fine locally produced plate ware and crockery, gold-gilded clocks religious artifacts.

The museum has a fascinating history, having been founded in 1874 – in a beautiful building on the northern edge of Köllnischer Park, facing the river.

In 1886, a British journalist remarked: “Visitors the Markisches Museum in Berlin are always attracted by a curious collection of executioners’ swords. In old times was customary for these instruments of punishment to bear inscriptions, and most of the swords in the museum are inscribed.”

This museum is absolutely worth a visit and easily reachable on the U2 subway-line, station: Märkisches Museum

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Here is Berlin! That is the name of the permanent exhibition in the Märkisches Museum, the principle home of Berlin’s Stadtmuseum foundation. As the “Museum der Berliner” it presents, in its permanent exhibition, the history of the city and stories of Berlin.