Frank Sinatra’s favourite Restaurant in New York

Some say there are two American singers worth talking about in iconic terms. There was the gyrating mega-star Elvis Presley, and there was laid-back New Yorker Frank Sinatra: hip, urban, sophisticated and smart. Bing Crosby once said that Ole Blue Eyes was the kind of performer that came along “once in a lifetime…but why did it have to be my lifetime?”

In the 1940s, one fan contended that Sinatra was ‘one of the greatest, things that ever happened to teenage America.’

Born in 1915 in Hoboken, New Jersey, Sinatra continued his enduring love affair with New York, even after moving to the West coast. Now, as his legend fades and his fan base dies off, many of the notable Sinatra landmarks and old haunts have been forgotten – except one.

During his extraordinary life, one little restaurant in New York remained a firm favourite, and it is still there today – with the same family running it.

The iconic Patsy’s restaurant is run by Sal Scognamillo, who is both a consummate host and creator of exquisite Neapolitan fare. Sinatra’s favourite dishes were Posillipo, fusilli with fileto di pomodoro, and ricotta torte for dessert.

Sinatra’s love affair with this restaurant would endure, throughout his life.

Ole Blue Eyes died of a heart attack in 1998, aged 82, after more than a year battling heart disease and cancer. The New York boy was buried in California.

WHERE: Patsy’s Restaurant, 236 W 56th St.
This article was taken from the History Buffs Guide to New York by Mark Jones, which is available at Amazon

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