Trip Tips: Glorious Istanbul

Istanbul: Also known as the city of seven hills, this prestigious city sees an upwards of ten million visitors and tourists annually, and for good reason, too.

It boasts countless incredible attractions and buildings, and coupled with its supreme natural beauty, it serves as a fantastic tourist destination for anyone looking to create lifelong memories with their loved ones.

Enter the gateway to Asia!

Istanbul is prominently known for the beautiful architectural designs incorporated into its many grand buildings and streets.

Vacationers will quickly find themselves enthralled by the many historically influenced structures ranging from private houses, synagogues, museums, hotels and mosques.

Of these stands one of the largest mosques in the world, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (otherwise known as the Blue Mosque), constructed in the year of 1616 and capable of holding over ten thousand worshippers.

Those with a fancy for something more modern will quickly be amazed at the sight of the Istanbul Sapphire, the tallest building in all of Turkey standing at over two hundred and sixty meters.

Found in the Levent business district, many tourists and countless more Turks navigate throughout its sixty four floors, whether accessing its very high quality and luxury residence, or (more often than not) spending time in the extensive shopping mall within.

A must stop is the The Grand Bazaar, where traders have been in operation since 1461. It is among the world’s oldest and largest covered markets.

Istanbul boasts fantastic dishes as well, covering a variety of flavors and styles that are sure to make anyone’s mouth water.

Vine leaves wrapped around a serving of rice, spices, and chopped vegetables are known by the name of “Yaprak Sarma”, and they serve as fantastic appetizers.

For the main course, Karniyarik!

Minced meat and fried eggplants accompany onions, garlic, parsley, and mashed tomatoes, coming together to leave your taste buds satisfied!

This only scratches the surface of what Istanbul has to offer.  Everyone is encouraged to make the trip and experience the city in its fullest.

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