Last Great Escape veteran Richard Churchill dies

The last survivor of the real life World War Two ‘Great Escape’ has passed away.

Richard Churchill, 90,was one of 76 men who escaped Nazi prisoner of war camp, Stalag Luft III, by digging tiny tunnels in 1944.

The Great ‘Escape movie, which was loosly based on the episode,  starred Steve McQueen, James Garner and Richard Attenborough.

It was described as ‘a line-up of both British and American stars in this magnificent and glorious saga of the R.A.F’.

As soon as Squadron leader Cyril Bartlet. known as Big X. arrives at Stalag Luft he lost no time in planning a mass break-out of 250 prisoners. Everything ran smoothly until, due to a mistake in planning, the tunnels they had dug are a few feet short of the prison fence. What happens to those that attempt the escape was the stuff of Hollywood…