More secrets emerge from rubble of Pompeii

Today four-fifths of Pompeii stand revealed—about 127 acres—and thousands of visitors a year gaze at the temples. theatres, shops, houses and the inns—such as the Elephant—named like ours after animals.

AN ANCIENT fresco depicting Narcissus gazing at himself has emerged from an excavation at Pompeii .

Archaeologists discovered the fresco in the atrium of a richly decorated home, in whose bedroom a fresco depicting Leda and the Swan was unearthed in November 2018.

“A part of the dwelling’s atrium (has been) brought to light, with vividly coloured walls and a fresco of Narcissus at the centre of one of them, in which he sees himself reflected in the water, enraptured by his own image, according to classical iconography,” the Pompeii Archaeological Park said in a statement.

Just before noon on August 24, A.D. 79, Pompeii was the epicenter of the greatest tragedy of the ancient world, when it was submerged in the debris of a nearby volcano. The destruction was probably without parallel until the bombing raids of the Second World War. Pompeii died horribly, but has passed into a unique immortality.

The district boasted a bustling community. Rome brought the city all the familiar amenities—a theatre holding 5.000, a large bathing place with swimming pool, steam and hot-water baths, gymnasiums and rest rooms. Up went magnificent villas with pillared halls, marble statues and beautifully decorated walls.

“The beauty of these rooms, which the initial discoveries had already made evident, has led us to modify the project and continue the excavation to bring the Leda room and the atrium behind it to light,” Pompeii Archaeological Park Director Alfonsina Russo said in a statement.

“In the future (we will) open at least part of this domus to the public,” she added.

The site of the ancient Roman town, which was preserved in lava after Mt. Vesuvius erupted in the year 79 AD, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In no other place in the world has the spade of the archaeologist recovered a lost people so completely as these who were annihilated in this city on the Bay of Naples .