Regional Press Review, 15th February


The Daily Star in Lebanon reports Prime Minister Saad Hariri saying he will not allow “attempts to hinder the work of the new government,” in remarks made at an event commemorating the death of his father, late premier Rafik Hariri.

Meanwhile, in Hurriyet in Turkey continues coverage of the deadly building collapse last week. The paper reports that four people have been detained as part of an investigation. The collapse killed 21 people. Suzan Çayır, the architectural project officer, Uğur Mısırlıoğlu, the technical practice manager, Arzu Keleş Boran, the building inspector, and a civil engineer were detained by police on charges of reckless homicide.

Malta Today leads with how a UK charity that provides financial assistance to women from countries with restrictive abortion laws, has announced that it has launched its service to residents in Malta and Gibraltar. “Malta is the only country in Europe where abortion is completely against the law, whereas the law in Gibraltar, a British overseas dependency, allows abortion to save a woman’s life,” the paper says.

In Gibraltar, Police have seized a substantial quantity of drugs in the old Queens Hotel, according to GBC. The operation, by uniformed officers is ongoing. “The former hotel is now used as a Government hostel. No further details are currently available,” the broadcaster adds.

In Athens, most papers report that Greece’s foreign ministry expressed its condolences over the deadly bus crash in North Macedonia on Wednesday night that killed 14 people.