Exploring Nazi Berlin: 50 must see locations in Hitler’s capital

Philip Baumann’s new book Exploring Nazi Berlin is a joy to behold. He has chosen 50- locations, and written short, insightful essays about their part in the story of Nazi Berlin.

In the book you map your own adventure through Berlin in the 30s and 40s, experiencing first hand where history was made.

This book has no gimmicks (which is very refreshing), or maps or snappy graphics. It just tells the story – and then gives you the address (with how to get there.)

Baumann takes us on a remarkable journey – with excellent descriptive histories – that you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s your passport to a city on the front-line of 20th Century history.
Whether you want to see the remnants of Hitler’s Germania, explore Goebbels propaganda radio station – and see where ‘Lord Haw Haw’ spoke from, or are looking for the notorious Gestapo headquarters, this is the guide for you.

Where was Martin Bormann’s office? Where did Ribbentrop land clasping his pact with Molotov? Where did Jess Owens stay during the 1936 Olympics?

What happened to the Hitler bunker? Where did Berliners shelter from allied bombs? Where did Goring work?

Visit the very room where the holocaust was planned; see where Hess and Speer were imprisoned at Spandau, or the office the famous plot on Hitler’s life was mapped out (and the spot where the plotters were shot).

Stand on the location of the famous book burning, or visit the film studio where Marlene Dietrich became a movie star, and Goebbels churned out his hate films.

Exploring Nazi Berlin is beautifully written by noted historian and long-time Berlin resident Philip Baumann. He knows the city as only a local can.

The book is available on Amazon