Albania seeks tourism boost

(Xinhua) Albanian Ministry of Tourism and the Environment launched on Wednesday a campaign: Tourism 2019 “Be taken by Albania” in a bid to boost the country’s tourism and economic development.

On the occasion of launching the campaign, Albanian Minister Tourism and the Environment Blendi Klosi called for more engagement and initiatives to improve Albania’s image abroad and to attract as many foreign tourists as possible.

Head of the European Union Delegation to Albania Luigi Soreca, who attended the event, said that Albania has great tourist potential, adding that “The campaign targets all those people who have not set foot in Albania and have prejudices.”

Meanwhile, the Swiss Ambassador to Tirana, Adrian Maitre, said that the country’s image would improve more if decision-makers would cooperate.

Recently, the Albanian National Statistics Institute reported that nearly 6 million foreign nationals visited Albania in 2018, registering an increase of 15.8 percent year on year.