Celebrating a 70th birthday? This is the perfect gift

It is not easy buying a gift for a 70-year-old. But, ‘That was 1949’  is without doubt the best little companion to everything related to that year.

The book looks – month by month – at the leading news headlines and long forgotten stories, as well as politics, fashion, cinema, music, sport and much more. It is also packed with reproductions of stunning rare advertisements, which give a fascinating snapshot of the popular holiday destinations, cars, shops, movies, and much more. 1949 was a world of Truman, The Third Man, rationing, Attlee, Churchill, Woolworth’s, Ocean Liners, austerity, Jack Warner and much more!

With rationing, housewives in Britain complained that butchers’ meat which ‘might be venison or donkey’. How would you like your whale meat camouflaged? There was a collective sigh of despair when the shortage of meat became so acute that it was supplemented by frozen, canned and dehydrated whale meat.

“For those curios about how the world looked in 1949 – or a birthday gift for some one born in that year – ‘That was 1949’ – is the absolute perfect gift”