1990: Rescuers brave roaring flames on Scandinavian Star ferry

1990: RESCUE workers braved roaring flames to remove the first of up to 135 bodies thought to be aboard the stricken Scandinavian Star ferry as Norwegian police began hunting for a suspected arsonist.

The 10,513 car and passenger ferry continued to burn more than eight hours after fire broke out.

During the night of 7 April 1990, at about 2 a.m. local time, fire broke out and was discovered by a passenger and was brought to the attention of the receptionist. The fire spread from deck 3 to 4 stopping at deck 5. As the stairwell and ceilings acted as chimneys for the fire to spread.

Editors note: 159 people died in the incident, and the official investigation blamed the fires on a convicted arsonist, who died in the fire.This finding has since been disputed.