Vienna: Austria’s Kurz stresses EU unity as Brexit drags on

According to Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, maintaining the unity of the 27 European Union (EU) member states is a top priority in the still uncertain Brexit process.

Speaking to journalists here on Monday, Kurz said this unity has so far been “better than expected,” the Austria Press Agency (APA) reported.

“If we succeed in maintaining this unity, then we will have already achieved quite a lot. If we do not succeed, we will import chaos from Great Britain into the EU,” he said.

It is of utmost importance to make certain that all 27 EU countries and related institutions can live with the eventual outcome of the Brexit process, he added.

The next two most important goals are preventing a “hard Brexit” and avoiding the United Kingdom taking part in this May’s European Parliament elections.

He said he was “very optimistic” about the unity of the EU, and “still relatively optimistic” about avoiding a hard Brexit.

The chancellor also said he planned to consult with British Prime Minister Theresa May later on Monday.