Greek president says Europe fails to play effective role in Syrian war

BEIRUT: Visiting Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said on Thursday that Europe has failed to play an effective role in the Syrian war since the war started, OTV local TV Channel reported.

“If Europe had respected its history and intervened at the right time, war in Syria would have ended earlier and with fewer casualties,” Pavlopoulos was quoted as saying during his joint press conference with Lebanese President Michel Aoun after their meeting over ways of boosting cooperation.

Europe did not fulfill its promises toward Lebanon which suffered a lot as a result of the Syrian crisis, the Greek president noted.

However, it is never too late for Europe to change its approach, he stressed.

“We are ready to do whatever it takes to end this war and Europe will be capable of adopting necessary measures to prevent any possible wars in the future,” Pavlopoulos said.

For his part, Aoun called for a quick solution to guarantee the return of Syrian refugees.

“There should be a common responsibility to put an end to this issue because Lebanon is exhausted in the presence of the big number of Syrian refugees,” he said.

Pavlopoulos and his wife arrived in Lebanon’s capital Beirut on Thursday for a two-day visit.