Footie: Juergen Klopp praises Marco Rose

Asking Juergen Klopp about Marco Rose means you need to have some spare time to bear the Liverpool coach’s answer. It might take a while, because the 51-year-old seems to be one of Rose’ most passionate admirers. “Hey Marco, they all ask me about you. You are the most wanted of all coaches,” Klopp told his old pal in a recent video message.

Not less than six German clubs such as TSG Hoffenheim, RB Leipzig, FC Schalke 04, VfL Wolfsburg, VfB Stuttgart, and Borussia Moenchengladbach, RB Salzburg and several European sides were battling about the 42-year-old.

In the end, Moenchengladbach was the Leipzig-born coach’s choice as he signed a three-year-contract from summer 2019 on. But what makes Rose the most wanted player?

“He could get any job in football, and he could do any job in football at every club on earth,” Klopp continued introducing the current coach of the Austrian side RB Salzburg.

Back in 2004, Rose was one of Klopp’s players at FSV Mainz 05 when the club proceeded to the Bundesliga with Klopp as their coach. “I told him that night when everyone was drunk and celebrating, he is going to be a coach in the future.”

Many years later, fortune teller Klopp’s predictions came true, and more: Klopp’s former player is part of the new German coaching generation following in the footsteps of Klopp and Thomas Tuchel (Paris St Germain). He played for one season under Tuchel in Mainz.

Rose made his way over the under 19 juniors of Salzburg winning the UEFA Youth League to the Austrian’s professional team. 75 victories in 105 games tell the story aside of beating international competitors such as SSC Naples, Lazio Rome, Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig in the Euro League.

“If you ask his players about him, they are all fond of him, even the ones he didn’t choose for his line-up,” Leipzig coach Ralf Rangnick commented adding: “He is a brilliant coach and a great character.” Rose’s most significant characteristics include never to give up and always be positive. Rose is a people catcher, says Rangnick.

Rose stands for modern forwarding football and is cherishing what is known as pressing football. The new Moenchengladbach coach was influenced by Klopp and Rangnick.

Rangnick, for some time responsible for both RB clubs, Leipzig and Salzburg, implemented the trend-setting style containing irresistible attacking football. Rose developed the method adding a solidly organized defense system.

Rose’s credo is including four stages such as “creative solutions for ball possession and dominance,” “a tight organization” during the opponents’ attacks, “quick decisions in the crucial seconds after winning the ball” and “raid like attacks.”

Rose is taking it easy having entered football’s spotlight. He seems to know all about the Ups and Downs of the coaching business. “One day you are the hottest contender, the next day you are the cooled down potato,” he said after Klopp’s words of praise.

He added to be looking forward to his first job in the Bundesliga as “it means to do the next step for me.”

But not only praised Rose seems to seek new shores but his new club. “He is the chance for our club to do the next step and lift the team on a new level. We just had to take the opportunity and do it as all of a sudden the door was wide open,” Moenchengladbach’s managing director Max Eberl emphasized.