Putin salary: Russian president earned U$134,400 in 2018

Russian President Vladimir Putin earned 8.648 million rubles (some 134,400 U.S. dollars) in 2018, his income declaration shows, much less than in 2017 when he earned 18.7 million rubles.

Putin owns a 77-square-meter apartment with an 18-square-meter garage, according to the declaration posted on the Kremlin website.

The president also uses a 153.7-square-meter apartment with an 18-square-meter parking lot. All the real estate declared by Putin is in Russia.

Putin has three vehicles and a trailer.

His declared annual income was 8.86 million rubles in 2016, 8.89 million in 2015 and 7.65 million in 2014.

A separate statement showed that Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev earned 9.917 million rubles in 2018, up from 8.565 million a year earlier. (1 U.S. dollar equals 64.35 Russian rubles)