SOS MEDITERRANEE launches an appeal to all European Parliament elections candidates

In the run up to the EU elections, the European sea rescue organisation SOS MEDITERRANEE says it has found a ‘real opportunity’ to stop the progressive erosion of maritime and international law in the Mediterranean region.

In a press release, the group says that through European-wide action, all candidates of the future parliament should insist on compliance with maritime law in the new legislative period.

“European values are also at stake in the EU elections. We call for a clear mandate for the future Members of the European Parliament (MEPs): To stand up for the compliance of the law at sea and not to let people in distress simply drown in the Mediterranean or be returned to Libya,” says Sophie Beau of SOS MEDITERRANEE.

“Be humane, save lives and respect the law”, the executive director of the French association quotes the call for action of the appeal.

The group is asking European citizens to take a close look at the upcoming elections at the end of May to see whether the members of their constituency are committed to the compliance of international law and the protection of human lives in the Mediterranean.