WHO sends emergency aid to SE Iraq

The World Health Organization (WHO) delivered an emergency aid shipment to the flood-affected people in southeastern Iraq’s Maysan province, the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) said on Tuesday.

A UNAMI statement said that WHO responded to the needs of the Health Directorate in Maysan province following recent floods, as it “arranged the delivery of a second consignment of the emergency supplies, with the support of donors.”

The shipment was transported on April 17, 2019 to Maysan province, 304 km southeast of Baghdad. The shipment included emergency and medical supplies, inflatable boats and life jackets,” the statement said.

“Maysan was adversely affected by the floods that were caused by heavy rain. Flood water is still covering a wide area, leading to displacement of residents, damage to property, death of livestock and destruction of agricultural crops in many villages and the marshlands,” the statement said.

Ali Dawai, governor of Maysan province, explained that the situation was critical.

“He voiced concern about the expected outbreaks due to the floods and their potential impact on health and the environment,” the statement quoted Dawai as saying.

Dawai urged organizations to continue their support and address the health and environmental impact on affected areas, it added.

According to the latest data from Maysan province, up to 2,495 families have so far been displaced and 7,735 families located near the river and in areas at risk have been told to leave their homes, the statement said.

Despite falling water levels, the danger of floods still exists due to melting snow and the drainage of flood water through the border with neighboring Iran, adjacent to Maysan province, it said.

The serious threat of flooding during the past few months pushed Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to head several meetings with a crisis management group formed to discuss plans to control the floods and water levels in dams in Iraq.