Austrian police seize 19 kg of high-grade heroin

Austrian police have arrested two men and seized 19 kilograms of high-grade heroin with a street value of about eight million euros (8.9 million U.S. dollars), local media reported on Friday.

The bust happened in late March, with police in the state of Salzburg tipped off by a foreign police authority that two men from western Germany were bringing drugs to Austria during business trips.

A police spokesperson told the Austria Press Agency that an undercover officer was able to set up a purchase of drugs south of the national capital Vienna.

Police including officers from the special tactics force “Cobra” arrested the two men, both Turkish nationals, as soon as the transaction had been completed.

The authorities said the high purity of the heroin meant it could have been cut into a much larger quantity for sale on the streets.

The police did not wish to give further details such as where the heroin originated from, with investigations still underway.