Companies from Lebanon eye role in Syria’s reconstruction process

Lebanese companies are opting to take part in the rebuilding process in Syria because of its proximity and the mixed social fabric with Syria.

Lebanese companies have recently been active in taking part in the fairs that are being held in Damascus.

Their latest participation is the undergoing Industrial Fair at Damascus’ Fairground where the Lebanese companies have an entire pavilion.

Roy Balian, sales manager of the Mega Prefab company for pre-made beton, told Xinhua that the Syrian market is promising given the fact that the reconstruction process in the country is around the corner.

“Syrian market is big and promising in the future and we are coming from Lebanon so we are very interested in entering this market,” Balian said.

Balian believes that the Lebanese companies will have the priority in working in Syria, adding that the projects which his company is aiming to make are not yet executed in the country.

“Lebanese companies will have the priority particularly in Syrian areas close to northern Lebanon … so we are giving prices for a number of projects but nothing has been executed on the ground so far,” he said.

For his part, Hisham Zuraiq, representative of the Constra Cham company, said that his company is aiming to help in the rebuilding process in Syria as the Syrian and Lebanese people are more than neighbors.

“We are interested in coming to Syria to take part in rebuilding the country after long years of war and pains in Syria,” he said.

Zuraiq hoped that the Lebanese people could help their Syrian brothers to rebuild their country.

“So we are hopeful that we can help the Syrian people in returning to the country as it used to be. We are one company but many more companies would come and take part in rebuilding Syria,” he said.

Meanwhile, Marwan Kalssei, head of the Miro Plastic company, said that the Syrian market is a huge one but the development is not fast in terms of the beginning of the process.

“I think that the Syrian and Lebanese markets are one and we have a firm belief that the Syrian market will be active again so there are many Lebanese companies desirous for making business in Syria,” he said.

Kalssei added that “the development is not fast but … it will become much bigger.”

The Syrian government has said that friendly countries would have the priority in the rebuilding process in Syria.

As for Lebanon, the country’s various political currents have been divided in terms of dealing with the Syrian war. Parties like Hezbollah are supporting the government, while others are opposing it.