Census says Mozambique’s population close to 28 mln

Mozambican President Filipe Nysui announced on Monday in Maputo that the country has 27.9 million people, of which 48 percent are male and 52 percent female, citing the latest demographic statistics.

The president revealed the data on a special event for publishing the results of the IV General Census of Population and Housing conducted by the National Institute of Statistics since 2017.

Life expectancy increased in the county from 49 years to 53 years and illiteracy rate reduced from 57 percent to 39 percent in a decade, according to the data released at the event.

Nyusi praised the international community for offering crucial financial support to the census, as well as the cooperation of Mozambican people at a time of economic challenges the county has been going through.

The president said the results facilitate decision making regarding to trade and international policies, inclusive development, and help with the consolidation of sovereignty, adding despite encouraging numbers there are still challenges.

“The results indicate that although child mortality has reduced, there are still 63 deaths in every 1000 new born,” said the president, proposing further investment in programs for children and mothers’ protection as priority.