DriveNow kicks off car-sharing service in Hungary

DriveNow started its mobile application-based car sharing service here on Monday, becoming the third company offering such service in Hungary, according to a statement published by the company operating the car fleet.

“DriveNow Hungary launched an application-based car sharing service in Budapest on April 29 with 240 vehicles,” Wallis Automegoszto Inc. declared.

“The service will cover 63 square kilometers of the central area of Budapest, and rental fees will be charged by the minute with the option of daily and three-, six,- and nine-hour passes,” the company added.

DriveNow is a car sharing service wholly owned by the automotive manufacturer BMW. DriveNow service began in Munich, Germany in June 2011.

The cars available in Hungary mainly consist of Minis and BMW i3, X2 and series 1 models.

The cars are accessible via the DriveNow application available for iOS and Android.

Before DriveNow, the two other car sharing services at the disposal of Budapest citizens were MOL Limo and Greengo, and an electric scooter sharing service Blinkee has also been launched recently.