British opposition leader under fire over anti-Semitism row

British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn is under fire for reportedly writing a foreword to a book seen as anti-Semitic.

The Jewish Labor Movement told local media on Wednesday that the opposition leader should “consider his position” following reports that he wrote the foreword.

“Once again, Labor members find that their leader has endorsed anti-Semitic propaganda,” it said.

British media claimed that Corbyn wrote the controversial foreword in 2011 for a new edition of John Atkinson Hobson’s 1902 book Imperialism: A Study.

Labor has said “Jeremy completely rejects the anti-Semitic elements” of the book, which argued that Europe’s banks and press were controlled by Jewish people.

On Wednesday, Labor MP Wes Streeting wrote on his social media account, urging his fellow MPs not to defend Corbyn.