Go vote Zoran Zaev tells public in North Macedonia

The Prime Minister of North Macedonia Zoran Zaev, who’s also the leader of the ruling party SDSM, on Thursday urged citizens to go to the polls and vote in the presidential runoff on Sunday.

In a video address, Zaev told citizens that these elections carry with them a key decision at a critical point for the country.

“I am calling on all of our citizens to go to the polls and vote by your own choice, but vote for the future of our country and of our children,” Zaev noted.

The PM urged the citizens to put divisions aside on May 5 and unite in their decision.

According to Zaev, in the past two years citizens gave their support to resolve most difficult issues in terms of neighborly relations and opening North Macedonia’s perspectives.

Earlier in a TV appearance, Zaev said that he was sure that the turnout on Sunday will be larger.

“If turnout is smaller, then we could either reorganize elections or we could amend the Constitution for the president to be elected by parliament. However, we are confident that the president will be elected by the people,” Zaev said.

Meanwhile, when there are only two days remaining in the campaign for presidential elections in North Macedonia, the two presidential candidates Stevo Pendarovski and Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova have also called for a large turnout in the polls. The two candidates fear that turnout in the elections will be smaller than 40 percent.

North Macedonia held the first round of presidential elections on April 21. According to the State Election Commission, the turnout in the first round was 41.8 percent. In order for the second round of presidential elections to be valid, minimum turnout must be 40 percent.