Moroccan workers protest nationwide despite wage hike

Tens of thousands of Moroccan workers demonstrated nationwide on Wednesday to demand better work benefits despite the government’s decision to raise the wages.

The largest protests took place in the capital Rabat and Casablanca, Morocco’s financial city.

A few days before the International Workers’ Day on Wednesday, the Moroccan government, three largest labor unions and the major employers’ association signed an agreement that would raise public servants’ monthly salaries by 40 to 50 U.S. dollars over three years.

Under the agreement, the government will also increase the family allowances by 10 dollars for each of the three first children of those working in the public and private sectors.

The three parties also agreed to raise the minimum wage by 10 percent over two years for workers in private companies in the sectors of agriculture, industry, commerce and service.

However, the demonstrators deemed these measures as “insufficient,” and called for safeguarding labor unions’ liberties, the reduction of income taxes and the implementation of earlier agreements between unions and the government.