Shenzhen FC imposed 3-0 defeat penalty in CFA Cup for fielding one less U23 player

Shenzhen FC violated Chinese Football Association (CFA)’s U23 policy on Wednesday night in their home game against Shanghai Shenhua in the CFA Cup fourth round and was given a 3-0 penatly, despite Moreno of Shenhua scoring the sole goal to win 1-0.

CFA unshered in new policy this season that the top-tier and second division clubs must field local U23 players as many as foreign players in each game, stipulating that each Chinese Super League team must field three U23 players in a game, with one U23 player in the starting line-up.

In the fourth round of CFA Cup on Wednesday, Shenzhen pitched two U23 players, Zu Pengchao and Zhou Xin, in the starting line-up, with the third U23 player Chen Fujun staying on the bench for the whole game. Shenzhen hence used one less U23 players and received the penalty from the CFA. The club became the first violator of the new policy this season.