Retail chain in Finland to start testing drone-assisted food deliveries

A major retail chain in Finland is going to launch a test on drone delivery services at the beginning of June.

S-Group, the largest retail chain in Finland, said that it had made an agreement with American drone delivery company Wing to launch a six-month trial in Vuosaari area, eastern Finland, reported Finnish national broadcaster Yle on Saturday.

Wing is a subsidiary of Alphabet, the parent company of Google.

During the period of testing, customers can order lunch items from S-Group’s grocery store Food Market Herkku, located in the shopping center Itis, by using drone deliveries.

The automatic device will deliver the products to customers in a few minutes. according to S-Group.

In December 2018, Wing announced its plan to enter the European market, and Finland was chosen as its first attempt in Europe.

Wing’s CEO James Burgess told Yle earlier that his company choosing Finland as its first entry into the European market was due to existing interest in drones in the country.

According to Yle, it is not the first time that the drone delivery services are tested in Finland. The postal service, Posti trialed package deliveries using drones already in 2015.

The drone delivery services are a new phenomenon in the world. So far, only a few countries have tested the operations of the drone delivery services, such as China, the United States and Australia.