Gov’t okays Latvian power grid’s synchronization with European energy system in 2025

The Latvian government on Tuesday approved the synchronization of the Baltic country’s power grid with the European energy system in 2025, representatives of the Economics Ministry informed.

The ministers also authorized Latvia’s Augsprieguma Tikls power transmission system operator to sign the agreement on the conditions of the future interconnection of the power system of the Baltic states and the power system of continental Europe.

After the conditions of that agreement are fulfilled, Latvia will join the Synchronous Area Framework Agreement for Regional Group Continental Europe.

“The synchronization of the Baltic states’ electricity grids with the European systems will increase the Baltic energy sector’s security, strengthen their position in the European Union’s energy market and lessen energy dependence on neighbor countries Russia and Belarus,” the Economics Ministry said.

The ministry’s representatives indicated that the Baltic states’ closer integration with the EU’s energy systems is a logical step for their future development. Energy imports from other EU countries to the Baltic states has been on the rise in recent years and the bloc’s cooperation in energy security and solidarity policy has been increasing as well, the Economics Ministry said.