Rouhani says Iran not to bow to U.S. pressures

Iran has vowed to withstand the pressures and resist the U.S. "bullying policies."

Iran will never bow to the pressures exerted by the United States, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday.

It was the illusion of the “enemies” to think that they will shatter Iran’s steadfastness in development, Rouhani made the remarks in Iran’s northwestern West Azerbaijan province.

However, Iran “prospers” and the country develops in the hard time of sanction pressures, he said in a live broadcast from state TV.

“This is a very decisive response to the White House … and to those who think that they can make Iran surrender under their pressures,” Press TV quoted him as saying.

Iran has been under unprecedented sanction pressure by the United States following U.S. President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from Iran’s nuclear deal in May last year.

Besides, rising tension between Tehran and Washington has put the rivals on the brink of military clashes.

Washington seeks to seal a new nuclear deal with Iran, to further curb Iran’s nuclear program, stop Iran’s ballistic missile development and brake Iran’s push for influence in the region.

Iran has vowed to withstand the pressures and resist the U.S. “bullying policies.”