Lebanon says proposal for maritime demarcation with Israel gets “positive feedback”

Lebanon’s House Speaker Nabih Berri has said  that the Lebanese suggestion for the country’s maritime demarcation with Israel has received positive feedback, local media reported.

“Our talks with the United States over the demarcation of the Lebanese maritime borders with Israel were very positive and I am very optimistic about Lebanon’s capacity to achieve its goal in this issue,” Berri was quoted as saying by the National News Agency.

His remarks came during his weekly meeting with members of parliament from Amal Movement Bloc in Ain El Tineh.

Berri said that he expects to get a complete feedback to the proposal by next week.

David Satterfield, U.S. assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, paid a short visit to Lebanon on Monday for the second time this month to discuss the demarcation of land and maritime borders between Lebanon and Israel.

The United States mediated between Lebanon and Israel in the past to end the dispute but failed to reach any positive results.

Berri previously announced that Lebanon is ready to draw its maritime borders under the supervision of the United Nations.

“We are ready to draw Lebanon’s maritime borders and the Exclusive Economic Zone using the same procedure that was used to draw the Blue Line under the supervision of the United Nations,” Berri said.

Lebanon has an unresolved maritime border with Israel that involves a triangular sea area of about 860 square km extending along the edge of three of its 10 offshore energy blocks.