Over half of Germans expect overall shift to right after European elections: survey

More than half of Germans are expecting an overall shift to the political right after the European Parliament elections due on Sunday, shows a survey by the opinion research institute YouGov sent to Xinhua on Thursday.

Conducted on behalf of the German press agency (dpa), the survey, nonetheless, finds that 21 percent of the respondents do not expect a strengthening of right-wing parties in the European elections, while 27 percent gave no response to the question.

Meanwhile, over the impact of the so-called “Ibiza affair” scandal in Austria on German far-right party AfD, 39 percent of the respondents do not believe it would have a negative effect on the AfD’s results in the upcoming European elections.

While 33 percent of Germans made no statement on whether or not they believe the Ibiza affair would affect the success of the AfD, over one quarter of Germans believe it would take toll on the far-right party.

The Ibiza affair began last Friday when the German magazine Spiegel and the newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung published a video of Austria’s former vice-chancellor and leader of the right-wing populist Freedom Party (FPO), Heinz-Christian Strache, filmed in Ibiza in 2017, when he promised contracts, among other things, to the supposed niece of a Russian “oligarch”, if she helped his FPO party win the national elections in Austria.

After the publication of the video, Strache resigned from his posts in government and in the FPO on Saturday. By Monday, all FPO ministers in the Austrian government had resigned.

The FPO had been governing Austria together with Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s conservative OVP party since 2017.