Greek PM asks for vote of confidence in government’s post-bailout strategy in Sunday’s ballot

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras asked on Friday for a vote of confidence in his government’s post-bailout strategy during this Sunday’s European and local elections here.

Greeks go to the ballots on May 26 to choose their representatives in the next European parliament as well as regional governors and mayors nationwide.

“On Sunday we are also deciding on which plan the country will implement now in the post-bailout landscape,” the Greek leader said, addressing his Radical Left SYRIZA party’s main pre-election rally in front of the Greek parliament.

Outlining the achievements of his administration since 2015, Tsipras asked voters to send a clear message of approval of the government’s policies, pledging that economic recovery after almost a decade of crisis and harsh bailout programs will reach all Greeks.

“We request your support so that we can turn the prosperity of numbers into prosperity of all people,” he said, referring to the rounds of relief measures taken in recent months to ease the pain of prolonged austerity.

According to all recent opinion surveys, SYRIZA trails the conservatives of New Democracy (ND) party.

ND will win on Sunday’s European ballot with 29.4 percent and SYRIZA will follow with 22.4 percent, according to the latest poll conducted by Marc polling firm which was presented on Friday evening on ANT1 local television.

Only 29.4 percent of Greeks will cast their ballot weighing on European issues. The 63.3 percent will vote based on domestic issues, the survey showed.

Sunday’s results may determine the date of the national elections, several Greek media commented on Friday in editorials.

The government’s term ends in October this year.

During an interview with Greek national broadcaster ERT earlier on Friday, Tsipras implied that the scenario of calling early elections cannot be ruled out.