“Operation Dynamo” began on this day in 1940

Operation Dynamo —which was to save more than 300,000 men of the B.E.F.

“Operation Dynamo” began on this day in 1940, as tired British troops were lifted to safety from the beaches of France.

The outstanding part played in this operation by the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force went down in history, however,the miracle could not have worked without the eager help of the whole marine population of Britain.

When the sudden call came, the Little Ships put out from creeks, inlets and estuaries all along the British coast.

Some of them were manned by amateur sailors; some had not even a compass and no navigational instruments other than a lead pencil. Some of them never came back.

To the men encircled by the savage enemy at Dunkirk, the nation had said, in effect; “Hold on; we will get you away.” They held on, and the seamen of Britain got them away.