1942: Nazi Reinhard Heydrich shot in Prague

Heydrich was said to be the Handsomest man i n the Nazi Party. His manner in private life was singularly mild and courteous. It seemed impossible that one so attractive should be the cold-blooded monster which his record showed him to be.

1942: Reinhard Heydrich, known as the “Butcher” for his harsh treatment of the Czechs, has been shot in Prague.

The Nazi would die a week later from the wounds inflicted on him while he was driving through the city centre.

On his death, the official German announcement said: “The Deputy Protector of Bohemia and Moravia, Chief of the Security Police and S.S. Group leader, and General of Police Reinhard Heydrich, died this morning as the result of the attempt on his life.”

Since the attack on Heydrich, 153 people, including 29 women, were executed in the Gestapo terror.

Heydrich was one of the most unsavory figures of the whole Nazi regime, and was enlisted by Hitler’s police service for his cruelty and complete lack of scruples.

He had been in special control of the police in the occupied countries, and a policy of taking and shooting hostages was mainly attributable to him.