Gaza suffers huge losses in latest escalation with Israel, says official

The Gaza Strip has suffered financial losses of more than 9.5 million U.S. dollars in the latest round of escalation with Israel in May, a Palestinian official said Sunday.

The losses affected agriculture, economy, health, education and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, said Naji Sarhan, deputy minister of housing and public work, during a press conference.

He said a number of agencies and institutions have been approached to coordinate the relief aid, including 2,000 dollars for demolition and 1,000 dollars as damages or rents for families without alternative shelter.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing said more than 700 houses were damaged in Israel’s attacks in early May, with 130 completely damaged.

Dozens of installations, workshops, shops and media offices were also damaged in the attacks, the ministry added.

On May 4, a fresh military escalation broke out between Israel and the military factions in Gaza, causing at least 27 Palestinians killed and more than 154 wounded.

The escalation also left four Israelis killed and about 140 wounded.

Sarhan called on donor countries and international institutions to intervene to “protect the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip from repeated Israeli attacks and help lift the siege” on the coastal enclave.

About 2,000 out of the 11,000 housing units completely destroyed in the Israeli offensive on Gaza in the summer of 2014 are still awaiting reconstruction, he said.

A total of 207 housing units have been completely destroyed and 2,300 partially damaged by Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip since November 2018, the deputy minister added.