Israeli researchers develop innovative glue gun for serious wounds closure

Israeli researchers have developed a new technology to treat serious injuries, using a hot glue gun for tissue adhesion, Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) said Sunday.

The means of treating serious injuries have many disadvantages, which are very painful, leave scars, require high skills from the doctor and sometimes need removal after a certain period, while medical glue is expected to produce better medical and cosmetic results.

In the new study, published in the journal Functional Materials Advanced, the Technion researchers found a solution to the problem by developing a very strong and non-toxic tissue glue that remains flexible even after solidification.

Dissolving the glue and smearing it on the damaged tissue is performed with a hot glue gun.

Unlike the existing glue guns, the new one warms the glue only to a moderate temperature, slightly above the body temperature, so as not to cause a burn.

The researchers believe the new concept will lead to the development of devices that will reduce the use of sutures and staples, speed up the healing process and reduce the scars.