UN calls for release of arbitrarily detained, abducted persons in Libya

The UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) on Sunday called for the immediate release of all persons arbitrarily detained and abducted in Libya.

“The Mission calls once again for all those arbitrarily detained and abducted to be immediately released, and reminds all parties to the conflict of their obligations under the International Humanitarian Law and the International Human Rights Law,” the Mission said in a statement.

The statement expressed concern over the kidnapping of a member of the High Council of State in south of the capital Tripoli, which is witnessing violent clashes between the east-based army and the UN-backed government.

“The Mission is very concerned at the report of the kidnapping of a member of the High Council of State from the Qasr Ben Ghasheer neighborhood in Tripoli,” the statement said.

The Mission also expressed concern over an airstrike against a compound in Tripoli used by parliament members for meetings.

“Shelling civilian targets and kidnapping civilians, including political actors, send a worryingly anti-democratic message,” the statement said.

The government accused the rival army of carrying out the airstrike on Thursday.

“The UNSMIL is working with parties on the ground to acquire the evidence necessary to prosecute all of those proved to have been involved in these violations and all other incidents against the civilian population and civilian infrastructure,” the statement revealed.

The army, led by Khalifa Haftar, has been leading a military campaign since early April to take over the capital from the government.

According to the World Health Organization, the fighting has so far killed 510 and injured 2,467 others.

The army is allied with the east-based government, as the country is politically divided between eastern and western governments.