Narvik captured by the Allies, big victory announced

World War II: Norwegian, French, Polish and British forces recapture Narvik in Norway. This is the first allied infantry victory of the War.

1940: The capture of Narvik by the Allies was announced in the following joint Admiralty and War Office communique:

Information has been received this morning that Narvik was captured last night by Allied forces and that Fagernes and Forsneset are also in our hands.

Four Allied nations took part the final assault on Narvik —British, French, Polish and Norwegians.

The Norwegians bore the brunt the fighting, and they now hold positions on the Haugfjell Mountain, which dominates Bjornefjell, close to the Swedish frontier.

Bjornefjell is likely to attacked within the next few days with the aid of the British.

French and Polish reinforcements which helped in the final assault on Narvik. The Allies now have artillery the heights covering the last seven miles of the railway.

It is estimated that total of 3,000 Germans have now retreated to the Heights, with the rearguard units carrying out extensive destruction railway tunnels, the 900 feet Nordals railway bridge, and around Hundalen.

Originally the German force was 4.000, supplemented by a maximum of 1.000 brought In air transport – this total 5.000, is estimated that 2,000 have been killed, wounded or captured in the seven weeks’ fighting round Narvik.

The recapture of Narvik is the first important military victory for the Allies the Norwegian campaign.