Jordan follows up on kidnapping of two Jordanians in Syria

Jordan is following up on the kidnapping of two Jordanians in Syria, Jordanian Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

The ministry’s spokesperson, Sufian Qudah, said in a statement that the ministry received information indicating that two Jordanians were kidnapped after their entry into Syria.

He said the ministry contacted the father of one of the two Jordanians, who confirmed that he received a phone call from the kidnappers asking for a ransom since his son, living in Ramtha area, owed them some money.

The ministry was in direct communication with the concerned authorities in Syria and Jordan to follow up on the issue, Qudah added.

Since the reopening of the border with Syria in mid-October last year, Syria has arrested 30 Jordanians, eight of whom having been released while the 22 others still being detained.