North Macedonia to conduct population census

North Macedonia is expected to conduct a population census in April 2020 at a cost of 8.5 million euros (9.4 million U.S. dollars), Director of the State Statistical Office (SSO) Apostol Simoski told reporters on Wednesday.

“This statistical census is the first after 2002 and will cost 8.5 million euros,” Simoski said.

“The census will collect data on geographical and demo-graphical features, economy, education, migration, ethnicity and religion,” Simoski said.

Meanwhile, besides the data on individuals, the census will also collect other data on households, families, apartments and building.

Simoski also said about 6,000 people will take part in the census operations, of whom 5,000 census takers, 50 regional instructors, 200 national instructors and members of the census commission.

The preliminary results of the 2020 population census will be released six months after its administering.