Football’s most curious notice of loss

Football fans might well be used to all kinds of “losses” like games when their team was second best, missed penalties, tragic play-off defeats, championship near misses or finishing as cup final runners-up in campaigns or finals. But Christopher Trimmel’s loss is something completely new.

Capped three times by Austria, the 32-year-old playing for Union Berlin only recently enjoyed the biggest success in his football career by gaining promotion to the Bundesliga last weekend after a play-off battle against VfB Stuttgart – but the tragic loss of his red underpants (boxer shorts) severely dampened his ecstasy at his side’s biggest achievement.

To get his dearly beloved piece of clothing – it has his club’s name written on the waistband) – back, the midfielder placed a newspaper ad promising to reward the finder with a crate of beer. He kindly asks the person to contact him via social media if they have any information leading to the return of the underpants.

“Missing!” it says in the ad’s headline followed by the date and approximate time they were lost – May 27 which was also the start of several days of celebrations.

“My underpants are a lucky charm so you can understand my desperation,” writes the Union Berlin player before adding details like “size L”, colour: red/white.

“If you spot this special piece of underwear or know where it can be found please contact me,” the superstitious right-back wrote mentioning the unique pants were last seen in the team’s locker room.

Trimmel indicated the team might need the lucky charm to help them survive their first ever season in the Bundesliga which includes the giants of German football like Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund.

The Austrian also promised to do some tattooing for Union’s fans as “it’s my hobby”. Trimmel said his “clients” would only have to pay for his expenses of covering them with club related images.