Long distance trains halt as wind gusts, thunderstorms strike Berlin

The German capital Berlin and the country’s eastern states have been stricken by wind gusts and heavy storms Wednesday evening, prompting Berlin fire department to declare a state of emergency and leaving long distance trains passing Berlin suspended for a while.

On Wednesday evening, the sky darkened in some neighborhoods of Berlin like deep in the night, followed by wind gusts, lightening strikes and heavy rains. Local media, Focus online, cited a fire department spokesperson of the city as saying there were no reports of serious injuries or deaths.

The German railway company, Deutsche Bahn, tweeted earlier in the evening that long distance trains passing Berlin stopped operation due to damages to infrastructure facilities, and noted later that the traffic is slowing starting again as the storms subsided.

Berlin’s airport company tweeted that due to weather conditions there may be restrictions on clearance this evening at both airports of Tegel and Schonefeld.

Other eastern states were also hit by the storms. The Focus online reported that in Leitzkau in Saxony-Anhalt on Wednesday evening, a lightning hit a residential building and set the roof on fire, but no one was injured.

The German Weather Service (DWD) issued the second highest warning of heavy storms for the east of Germany till the midnight.