Lebanese party advisor urges big economies to promote co-existence, development

A Lebanese party advisor has urged major powers to uphold principles of promoting co-existence and mutual development of different countries so as to give full play to the positive sides of globalization.

Mokhtar Haidar, advisor to Future Movement Secretary General Ahmad Hariri, said in a recent interview with Xinhua that big countries adopting principles of co-existence, development and positive dialogue to achieve interaction among different economies will have a direct impact on developing economies.

Haidar said he believes that globalization is a component for the humanity’s advancement if adopted in a proper way.

Certain principles and rules should be applied so that the world can benefit from the positive sides of globalization, with such principles as “the implementation of the United Nations resolutions and peaceful coexistence in addition to respecting the rights of people to choose their paths,” he said, adding that China is committed to these principles.

Haidar noted while free trade could remove obstacles facing international trade, protectionism based on monopolization limits economic development.

Slamming the U.S. policies, he said that Washington aims to dominate the world with its hegemony policies, and the Middle East region will be impacted by the policies which will cause an economic slowdown everywhere.

His remarks came as the United States slapped steep tariffs on billions of U.S. dollars’ worth of products from its trading partners including China, and blacklisted Chinese technology companies in the name of safeguarding its national security.

Haidar said he believes that Washington aims to prevent China from making more scientific and technological achievements.

“We hope that the U.S. does not succeed in this regard because China brings knowledge that serves common interests of people everywhere,” he said, adding that developing countries are in need of technologies that secure sustainable development.