AT&T outage interrupts 911 emergency services in parts of U.S. Washington state

A nationwide mobile service interruption with U.S. telecommunications operator AT&T affected 911 emergency services in parts of the U.S. western state of Washington on Tuesday, police said.

Police in the coastal city of Bellingham in Washington tweeted that the AT&T outage has prevented the company’s users from having their 911 calls get through and urged the customers to use another cellphone or a landline in case of emergency.

Bellingham Police said AT&T was “experiencing interruptions or degradation to wireless 911 calls and/or wireless phase one/two location information.”

Kitsap 911, the emergency service in Bremerton, Washington, said in a tweet that the problem was resolved and AT&T service restored several hours later.

The Seattle Times newspaper said AT&T was punished by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission last year, which imposed a fine of 5.25 million U.S. dollars on it for two nationwide 911 outages occurring in March and May 2017.