Greek Evia island community evacuated due to wildfire, no injuries reported

Residents of a community on Greece’s Evia island were evacuated as a precautionary measure due to a wildfire raging in the area, Greek national news agency AMNA reported on Thursday.

No injuries have been reported, according to local authorities.

The blaze so far has scorched low vegetation near Makrychori community of Kymi municipality, and firefighters are struggling to contain the flames before they reach the homes of the approximately 100 people who were evacuated.

The Fire Brigade’s efforts are being hampered by winds of about 6 on the Beaufort scale blowing in the area.

More than 70 firemen are battling the wildfire, assisted by five water dropping aircraft and four helicopters.

Each summer Greece suffers from destructive wildfires which are caused by arson, heat waves or negligence.

A wildfire which swept through a seaside resort 30 km east of Athens last July resulted in 102 deaths.