India is mulling exporting tobacco to China

India is mulling exporting tobacco to China after the “Phytosanitary Protocol” for export of tobacco-leaves to China was renewed earlier this year, an Indian official said.

“With the production processes matching global standards, India will be able to produce and offer tobacco varieties which suit Chinese requirements,” Chairman of India’s Tobacco Board Kolaventy Sunitha said in a recent interview with Xinhua.

A high-level Indian tobacco trade delegation, led by Kolaventy Sunitha, visited China from June 23-28 and held talks with Chinese officials.

Sujitha told Xinhua that Indian Tobacco Board called for having a collaborative programme with China for improvement of yield and quality of tobacco.

As the world’s third largest tobacco producer and exporter, India exports 59.55 billion Indian Rupees (around 851 million U.S. dollars) worth of tobacco and tobacco products to more than 115 destinations including the markets such as Belgium, Netherlands in Europe which accounts for 44 percent of exports.