Today’s Satellite Choice: John Wayne and Susan Hayward

Monday 8th June

Rogue’s Yarn: It’s back to the 50s for another dose of British crime. A husband murders his wealthy wife, but is caught by a clever and persistent detective before he can cash in.

Nicole Maurey, Derek Bond and Elwyn Brook -Jones star. Talking Pictures TV, 10:45 AM CET

The Flying Seabees: The dramatic inception and entry into action of America’s specialist builder-fighters, “The Fighting Sea-Bees”. John Wayne and Susan Hayward have the leading roles in this exciting and authentic story, while Dennis O’Keefe heads the big cast of feature players.

Romantic interest is provided by the rivalry between him and Wayne for Susan Hayward, the romance blending in the most natural way into the terrific story.

This thrilling adventure story grips from its first unfolding. Woven into its fabric, however, are many human and humorous touches. The terrific climax in which Wayne crashes a bulldozer, on which he has fixed a bomb, into a huge oil tank and releases a flood of blazing oil into a valley. Film4 3.50pm CET