Holocaust survivor Kor dies during Poland trip

Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor, known for her message of forgiveness, has died during a trip to the site of the Auschwitz death camp in Poland.

“We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Eva Kor, Holocaust survivor, forgiveness advocate, and founder of Candles Holocaust Museum and Education Center,” the museum tweeted.

Kor, 85, was born in Romania, but was forcibly deported with her family to Auschwitz in 1944 toward the end of World War Two.

During her time in Nazi captivity, she was chosen by the notorious doctor Josef Mengele to be part of two experiments along with her twin Miriam.

Mengele, known as the ‘Angel of Death’ and one of the Nazis’ worst individual war criminals, carried out experiments to discover by what method of genetic quirk twins were produced.

Kor’s parents and two other sisters died in the death camp, but she and her twin sister managed to survive and were both set free in 1945 after the defeat of Germany.

Her brutal experiences were documented in the 1995 book ‘Echoes from Auschwitz: Dr. Mengele’s Twins: The Story of Eva and Miriam Mozes’.

After the war she founded the Candles Museum and Education centre in Indiana and had devoted her life to Holocaust awareness.

Until her death, Kor had remained active by giving lectures, presentations and guided tours.

“Only five days ago we recorded a testimony of Eva Kor, an Auschwitz survivor, for Auschwitz Museum Archive. Today came news about her passing away. It more than just ‘a breaking news’. It is a devastating one as one more survivor stopped sharing the story,” the Auschwitz Memorial said in a statement.

Mengele escaped retribution and lived luxuriously, if uneasily, in South America until his death in 1979.