Today’s Satellite Choice: Our man in Havana

 Wry espionage comedy based on Graham Greene’s novel, starring Alec Guinness as a vacuum cleaner salesman who’s recruited by British intelligence and starts fabricating information to keep himself gainfully employed.

Guinness sends fictitious reports to London, inventing names and enclosing secret plans has copied from the latest vacuum cleaner manuals.

These so impress his furtively incognito chief, played by Ralph Richardson, that Whitehall hastily send out radio operator and an extremely attractive secretary, Maureen O Hara to assist him in his good work.

A small, but interesting fact: The film was shot on location in Havana just a few months after the overthrow of Batista regime, and on 13 May 1959, Fidel Castro visited the film crew when they shot scenes at Havana’s Cathedral Square.

Film 4, 13:40 CET