10 Turkish sailors kidnapped by pirates off Nigeria

A total of 10 Turkish sailors were kidnapped by armed pirates off the coast of Nigeria early on Tuesday, according to the Turkish shipping company Kadioglu Denizcilik.

The Turkish-flagged cargo ship “Paksoy-1” was attacked by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea while it was sailing from Cameroon’s port city of Douala to Abidjan in Ivory Coast, the company said in a statement.

Another eight crew members were safely aboard the ship which was carrying no freight, while communication and navigation equipment were damaged, according to the statement.

“Our efforts continue for the safe and sound release of all of our personnel,” it said.

Turkey’s ruling party spokesman Omer Celik said foreign ministry and intelligence services were following the issue closely and “intensely working” on it.

Local media reported that the Ghanaian Navy was sailing close to the abducted ship and trying to communicate with the pirates for the release of the personnel.