Reus to intensify contacts with Chinese fans

The surroundings couldn’t be more fitting as the sun’s first rays are dipping the noble hotel Grand Resort in Bad Ragaz in the heart of the Swiss Alps in a pleasantly warm light. It seems the right moment for Borussia Dortmund striker Marco Reus to announce plans to intensify contacts with Chinese and Asian fans while attending a pre-season training camp with the Blacks and Yellows.

The 30-year-old German footballer of the year 2019 told Xinhua in a recent interview that he will join social media channels such as Douyin and Weibo with own his own content shortly.

In advance of the 2019/2020 season opener against Bayern Munich in the German Super-Cup this Saturday, the Borussia team captain talked about his new role as the team’s captain and the clubs’ future plans when it comes to titles and their performance on national and international grounds.

“It is fantastic to see the enthusiasm of Chinese and Asian fans for sports in general but for football and Borussia Dortmund in particular. I am deeply impressed by their loyalty,” the forward commented.

He decided to provide additional options to maintain close contact “as we have to do that over thousands of miles,” the forward emphasized. “We can do more and we will. That is extremely important for me. It is something new to keep contact over such a distance, but I am determined to face that challenge.”

The German international said he remembers the warm-hearted welcome in China on Dortmund’s last trip and reavealed plans to soon return for a new promotion tour with the first team within the next few years.

The Dortmund-born attacker underlined that the team, along with coach Lucien Favre is ready to improve its performance on the international stage such as the Champions League. “We want to play a better role in the future in international competitions,” he said.

He is aware of the international competition and the strength of the established teams such as Real Madrid, Manchester City, Barcelona, and the 2019 Champions League winners Liverpool FC with his former coach Juergen Klopp. “But so-called underdogs have proved a lot is possible. We want to follow these examples.”

“You need that to prepare yourself to survive over long energy taking season,” Reus underlined adding his side is determined to win titles in the 2019/2020 season.

“We can challenge Bayern due to our increased quality and a wider squad. We were close last season, and we can do the next step,” he said. He and his team are not only dreaming of the 2020 German title, “but we intend to win it.”

He talked about Borussia as one of Europe’s leading sides over the last decades. “It is part of the club’s DNA to be among the best.”

Reus called it the biggest challenge of his life to return after severe injuries. In 2014 he missed the World Cup, in 2016 thee European Championships and in 2017 was side-lined for several months due to a cruciate ligament rupture.

“You either hide in a dark place or you open the doors and take a look at your options and start walking.”

He called the award as Germany’s footballer of the year in 2019 “very special” as it is the appreciation for my effort to return. “Like in a game, it is a mental case. I managed to stay positive and face a long way back, always aware there are much worse things happening to people,” he emphasized. “It might be the fight of your lifetime, but it is worth it,” he added.

He said he has grown up and gained experience compared to 2012 when he last won the award. Fans in 2019 can expect a Marco Reus on a new level as he managed to avoid further injuries. “I am in the best shape,” the father of a five months old daughter emphasized.

Talking about Chinese talents, the 2017 German Cup winner recommended always to choose a club that can provide “as many playing minutes as possible as this is the most important thing for youngsters. I am looking forward to meeting many of them soon.”