Sixth death from listeria outbreak after hospital food contaminated in Britain

A sixth person has died from a listeria infection after eating sandwiches and salads in hospital, Public Health England (PHE) has confirmed Thursday.

“The multi-agency team investigating cases of listeriosis linked to sandwiches and salads can confirm that, since the last update, there has been another death linked to this outbreak. The total number of deaths linked to this outbreak is 6,” announced PHE in a statement.

The individual who sadly died was one of the 9 previously confirmed cases. The individual is considered to have acquired listeriosis from Good Food Chain products while at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

PHE said it has been testing all cases of listeriosis for links to the outbreak, but so far – after 34 tests – none have been from the same incident.

As there have been no new cases of listeriosis linked to this outbreak, PHE said their investigations continue and the public should be reassured that the risk continues to be low.

The new death occurred at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust while the original deaths occurred at Manchester Royal Infirmary and Aintree Hospital in Liverpool.

All those who died had been given sandwiches supplied by The Good Food Chain, a company based in Stone, Staffordshire, whose Whole Lotta Good brand was developed specifically for hospitals.

The company ceased production temporarily, although The Food Standards Agency allowed them to resume at the end of June.